When Google unveiled its new media streaming jukebox, the Nexus Q, last week, many were quick to point out that the opaque black orb is reminiscent of the classic 20th century children's toy, the Magic 8-Ball. Now it seems that Google has been in on the joke the whole time. As pointed out by a Google+ user Adrian Perez, the Q can actually be used as a Magic 8-ball if you know the right buttons to push.

Under menu options in the device's dedicated Android app, tapping the image of the Q repeatedly brings up a Magic 8-ball like mini game. The screen switches to read "Have a dlemma? Ask the Q" and a Google Voice prompt pops up enabling the user to ask their question. The Q provides a limited number of stock responses that make for humorous advice depending on how involved your queries are. Ask it what the meaning of life is, and Q might reply with a "Yes" or "I am tired, ask again later."

Let's just say Siri needn't be too worried.

[via The Verge]