An amazing listing on EBay claims to offer buyers a "complete" classic game collection, which includes every game ever made for 22 classic gaming consoles.

According to seller collectors_king, the set includes entire library of every Nintendo console from Famicom (NES) through the Gamecube, every Sega console, and every NEC system. The collection has more 6,500 games in all. Though condition varies from set to set, (the guy doesn't even bother describing individual games) all of the games come with their original boxes and manuals.

No fanatical gamer/collector is going let a set like that go so easily: It isn't surprising that the ridiculous collection comes with a ridiculous price tag to match. Collectors_king is asking for €999,999.99, about $1,238,099.99 US.

Start flipping those couches, folks. Those games aren't going buy themselves!

[From Ebay via The Verge]