One strip club in Tampa Bay, FL, is going hard to make sure they cash in on those hard-earned Republican dollars: They've hired a Sarah Palin looka-like to be their main attraction as the Republican National Convention rolls into town. Who's the lucky girl? If you guessed porn star Lisa Ann, you're right. 

Lisa Ann previously played Palin in Who's Nailin' Palin? which parodied the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate. However, this is just one tactic that gentlemen's clubs in Tampa are employing to get Republicans to toss dead presidents at naked women. Some clubs have organized private chat rooms where attendees can get familiar with dancers prior to showing up, so they'll have an idea of what they're about to blow money on.

The faux-Palin is a wise move though, and Republican bands will surely make her (and the rest of the girls) dance.

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[via Jezebel]