Don't expect to see Reina Herrera around a classroom anytime soon. The 32-year-old Miami-Dade Kindergarten teacher was arrested for burglary this week after she was seen breaking into a house this week. It didn't help when that police found heroin in her car either.

Herrera, a teacher at Earlington Heights Elementary, had robbed the same home twice in May. She first stole $3,500, then stole a $1,000 engagement ring and pearl necklace. This is apparently Herrera's M.O., as she was arrested for burglary back in 2010 as well.

Police discovered three bags of heroin in her vehicle, making her already undesirable situation even worse. They also founds checks amounting to $600. Herrera managed to avoid persecution stemming from her 2010 arrest, but we don't really see her being that lucky this time around.

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[via Miami New Times]