48-year-old German Bosque has been investigated 40 times. He’s been accused of car theft, battery, carrying drugs, and boarding a plane with a loaded gun. He’s been locked up three times. So, does that make him the most notorious criminal in Opa-Locka, Fla., right now? No, he’s a member of the police department. Since joining the force in 1993, Bosque has been fined, disciplined, suspended and sent home with pay more than any other cop in the state. And he loves his job.

Despite being accused of beating and stealing from suspects, he says he’s “against police brutality.” He’s also been accused of penning false police reports, ignoring direct orders, driving with a suspended license, counterfeit money and both cocaine and crack pipes in his car. Still, he manages to hold down a $60,000 annually salary.

Though Bosque claims to be a good, hardworking cop, he reportedly brags about his knack for beating the system by being reinstated each time he is disciplined. His own chief, Cheryl Cason refers to him as “a time bomb that has now exploded,” but he fits right in with the department. The Opa-Locka PD only has 68 officers, but there were 41 internal affairs investigations last year alone.

Only thing these guys need now is a TV show.

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[via Daily Mail UK]