Rihanna was 45 minutes late to a performance at the Peace & Love Festival in Sweden, which drew the ire of fans in attendance, who speculated that she was high on stage.

According to attendees who were tweeting about the show, people began leaving shortly after she came out, displeased with what was clearly a poor performance.

She even dedicated "Redemption Song" to the victims of Anders Behring Breivik, in Oslo, Norway. This, considering she was in Sweden. Yeah, she must have been pretty confused.

“Rihanna is blatantly under the influence of drugs and is allowed to perform in front of children and young people. It is disgusting and shameful. #pal12," one person tweeted.

Another wrote: “Crowd walk-out from #Rihanna concert at #peaceandlove #pal12 #Sweden claiming she’s too high to sing properly.”

"Playback and being high as a kite is not rocking P&L #Rihanna #pal12” someone tweeted.

And clearly she lost some fans forever after last night.

“Rihanna is dead in my eyes… How can you be so f****** bad? #pal2012 #pal12," another person tweeted.

In her defense, Rihanna had recently learned her grandmother, who was sick with cancer, had died.

You know what they say though, on with the show.