One of the most unique and terrifying corners of the DC Universe is "The Dark." It's a place where mystic arts and black magic exist and are used by heroes and villain alike. One of the better titles in this line of comics is writer Paul Cornell's Demon Knights. Teaming up Etrigan the Demon, Vandal Savage, Madame Xanadu, Shining Knight, and others, this book features some of the best character interplay and art at the company.

And now, thanks to DC, we have an exclusive preview of Demon Knights #11. Officially on sale July 11, this issue continues the group's journey to Avalon and promises some great action and plot twists as usual. Be sure to check out a brief synopsis of the issue and some preview art by Diogenes Neves below.

• The dark magic of CAMELOT’S ruins has brought out the team’s essential natures – and essentially, they’re monsters!

• The road to Avalon is blocked by a most unexpected threat!

• What horrific betrayal does ETRIGAN have in store?

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