Full of action and sex appeal, writer Judd Winick’s take on Catwoman has been just as controversial as it has been entertaining since its debut last September. Keeping Batman’s former rogue teetering between vigilante and villain, this latest take on the character is far edgier than she has been in the past, but there is no doubting its success.

In recent issues, the feline femme fatale has teamed up with another thief by the name of Spark, who has made her life much more complicated than it ever has been before. Together they’re gunning for a mysterious new villain named Dollhouse—an out-and-out psycho who has been abducting people off the streets.

Now courtesy of DC Entertainment, we have an exclusive preview of Catwoman #11, which goes on sale July 18. Written by Judd Winick with art by Adriana Melo, this book is the perfect way to get yourself ready for Anne Hathaway’s performance as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises next week. Check out a brief synopsis and preview art from the issue below.

• On the trail of DOLLHOUSE!
• CATWOMAN and her new partner, SPARK, take their relationship to a very intimate level!
• How will this affect Catwoman’s secret partnership with DETECTIVE ALVAREZ?