Next year, 20th Century Fox will release the fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise, titled A Good Day to Die Hard. It will bring Bruce Willis back to the role of John McClane with actor Jai Courtney cast as his son. But before you go rolling your eyes over the prospect of yet another Die Hard movie, check out what director John Moore told Empire about the movie’s tone.

When asked if the movie would have any glib jokes, Moore responded, “No, because that’s preposterous! I don’t know whether it’s post-financial crash or whatever, but I don’t think people are in the mood for that bollocks anymore. People are well savvy to the cynical reheating of any product, any franchise. Any shit won’t do. The bar’s a bit higher."

But despite the fact that the movie will take itself much more seriously than perhaps other installments in the series, Moore did say, "There are a couple of great gags and a couple of great McClanisms. It’s not like he this idiot, bumbling around Moscow making ‘America won the Cold War’ jokes. It’s not Carry On Die Hard, I can assure you…"

The plot of the movie sees McClane in Moscow to fight off the bad guys after his son gets himself into some trouble overseas. Hopefully it will be rated-R, unlike 2007’s Live Free or Die Hard. We don’t need John McClane to be censored anymore.

[via Empire]

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