Worst timing ever. Colombian drug dealer Camilo Torres, who’s better known as Fritanga or Fry-Up, was arrested at his wedding in the Caribbean this past Sunday. The reported $1.41 million wedding was supposed to last for an entire week and feature numerous Colombian celebrities and entertainers. Instead, each of them got the face down on the ground treatment while the groom was arrested.

The bust revealed an interesting fact: Fry-Up is legally dead. According to his death certificate, he died back in December of 2010 of natural causes. He’s also an integral part of the Urabenous gang, which is notorious in northern Colombia.

Despite his wife’s tears and the circumstances, Fry-Up managed to milk the situation for humor. When shown his ID following the arrest, he told police he barely recognized himself since it had been so long since he’d last used it. Now let’s all wait for someone to rap about this.

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[via Gawker]