Now that the Los Angeles Clippers have acquired Jamal Crawford and locked Blake Griffin down for five more years, their biggest priority is keeping Chris Paul. It’s still uncertain whether or not the point guard will stay in L.A. next summer, but TMZ thinks they have found a clue to his future moves in the deed to his house.

Back in January, Paul purchased an 8 bedroom, 10.5 bathroom Bel Air mansion that was previously owned by Avril Lavigne. He paid $8.5 million for the home, including a $3.5 million down payment according to the deed. The standard down payment for a house is typically 30 percent of the total price, whereas Paul’s was approximately 44 percent.

Clippers fans are praying that’s a telltale sign that Paul wants to remain in the area. Only time—and this coming NBA season—will tell.

[via TMZ]