As of this writing, the Indiegogo project seeking to turn hundreds of acres of depressed Detroit into a zombie-themed amusement park called Z World Detroit needs $141,832 to reach its goal.

Here are some words from project creators:

Z World Detroit will be a unique and spectacular zombie themed experience park that will transform a virtually neglected section of Detroit, Michigan.  Participants will be chased by a growing zombie horde through abandoned factories, stores and homes across hundreds of derelict urban acres.
The Z World Detroit initiative is a radical rethinking of urban redevelopment and Detroit's well-documented blight and de-population.  It turns perceived liabilities into assets that will bring a renewed vitality to a struggling neighborhood. When done right, Z World Detroit would be transformative for part of the city, it would create jobs for Detroiters and become a legitimate destination.

At first blush, the project seems like a tongue-in-cheek effort to call attention to how we continue to lose Detroit. But upon closer examination, the folks behind this seem sincere. No high-concept shaming, just a desire to see something positive happen in the D, even if that involves hordes of the (fake) undead chasing after humans through derelict buildings in a very large game of tag.

 [via Buzzfeed]

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