Looking for another reason to be pissed off at the NYPD? Well, the Times broke the news that New York's finest were get half-off at Chipotle, but someone gave the heads up to an older story from the Post which says that police were getting everything for free.

The 2005 story is no longer online, but was archived by some forward-thinking soul. From 2003—Chipotle's first appearance in the city—until May of 2005, it was all-free-everything for cops.

Officers were reportedly very eager to help themselves, and when the deal was officially off, the beloved burrito-slinger informed them by handing out cards that read "BUSTED" on the front. What a spicy sense of humor.

The back of the card also contained the message "Until now you guys have enjoyed Chipotle free of charge." In addition: "for the sake of fairness," the officers would now be asked to pay half-price. Never mind that NYPD officers are not allowed to accept gifts, Chipotle says they altered the policy due to customer complaints. 

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne says that once the department is made aware of situations like this, officers are forbidden from visiting such vendors. Has it stopped them?

[via Gothamist]