At the end of last season’s finale of The Walking Dead, we were teased with the last-second debut of Michonne (Danai Gurira) and the ominous sight of the West Georgia Correctional Facility. Now with the debut of the latest trailer for the third season of the show, we're given an even better look at what’s in store for AMC’s hit series later this year.

Like any good Walking Dead trailer, this one starts with Michonne slicing and dicing her way through a horde of walkers in supremely gory fashion. We're then quickly transported to the prison that Rick and the gang have discovered, which they're hoping will be their new sanctuary. But best of all, we're introduced to David Morrissey's highly-anticipated performance as The Governor—one of the most sadistic baddies from the comic book series. 

From the looks of it, Season Three should be the most action-packed and dramatic year of the show yet. Just as long as the characters don’t spend half the season moping around a rural farmhouse, we can't see this new storyline falling flat.

The third season of The Walking Dead will premiere on October 14 on AMC.

[via AMC]