Things are looking up for Capcom (not that they were ever looking down). In its most recent financial filing, the Japanese company reports net sales of $238 million (up 55.8 percent from last year), with $16.9 million of that being straight profit (up 290.2 percent from last year).

Games raked in the biggest chunk of that at $176 million, and Dragon's Dogma was popular enough (particular in Capcom's domestic Japanese market) to sell over a million copies.

Other popular titles include Minna to Monhan Card Master and Resident Evil: Outbreak Survive, as well as casual games like The Smurfs' Village, Snoopy's Street Fair and Beeline.

Woohoo for Capcom. Were you a Dragon's Dogma fan this year? What are you hoping to see in Capcom's future (beside Resident Evil 6, of course)? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

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