When a disgruntled former employee of a Marina del Rey medical marijuana dispensary caused a disturbance at the shop on Sunday, the store owner dealt with it the only way he knew how: the foot-fist way. The ex-employee showed up to his old job yesterday evening determined to get paid for hours worked, leading to a confrontation between him and a current employee. The fact that the man brought three friends with him probably didn’t help the situation.

Using reason, the man’s friends began stealing merchandise from the shop. That’s when the owner, Jackie, dipped into his bag of martial arts and pulled out a whole lot of kick-ass. Witnesses claim to have seen “bloodied men” leaving the store, and one suspect was allegedly knocked unconscious following a blow to the head.

Thought Jackie was seen leaving the store with a torn shirt, these guys clearly picked the wrong person to fuck with. One suspect was detained, and authorities are still on the lookout for the other three. We’d suggest looking for the dudes with bruised faces and egos.

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[via LAist]