A grown-ass man from San Diego County was arrested on Sunday for hosting a party—complete with beer and teen spirit—for teens at the warehouse where he works. 25-year-old Eduardo Hidalgo hosted the free-for-all in the plumbing supply company’s warehouse, and though cops eventually arrived to shut the party down, it appears to have gone on for a significant amount of time.

He was arrested around 3:30 a.m., and police seized three kegs, numerous liquor bottles, the remnants of beer pong face-offs, and $886 in cash (Hidalgo charged the kids). Because it’s obviously illegal to host a party where liquor is served to minors, Hidalgo was taken to the Vista Detention Facility.

This reeks of a rent party gone awry, as well as the chance for an adult to re-live his high school days. Here’s the thing, though: Don’t shit where you eat.

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[via LAist]

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