The Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition countdown from yesterday promised to answer all our burning questions, and while we still don't know who stole all our yogurt from the fridge, we do have a better idea today of what exactly will be offered in the new take on the old classic.

True to its name, the new Baldur's Gate will boast over 400 enhancements, as well as new characters and a new dungeon: Neera the Wild Mage, Rasaad yn Bashir, Dorn Il-Khan, and the Black Pits.

And it's dropping Sept. 18 for PC, some time in September for iOS and Mac, and TBA for Android. It's $19.99, but if you pre-order it they shave two bucks off the cost.

Check out the official site for more info. Are you excited to delve back into Baldur's Gate? How's that new content looking? Tell us what you think in the comments or on Twitter.