Annie Hawkins-Turner, 53, proudly wears the crown of owning the world's largest breasts. The Atlanta native told TLC's Strange Sex that she's a celebrity in other countries due to her 102ZZZ bra size—a Guinness World Record. 102ZZZ sounds like a fucking password, not a bra size.

That crown comes with a price, though, as Hawkins-Turner claims she needs a security detail to protect her from would-be suitors who chase her.

Hawkins-Turner's "assets" have allowed her to map out a career as a fantasy model, as she's appeared in over 250 fetish videos that she's directed. The mother of two isn't the least bit ashamed either, saying that her breasts make her "one in a million." Her confidence is admirable, but let the record show that her breasts weigh 112 pounds. Her back pain has to be one in a million too.

Regardless, Hawkins-Turner says she has never considered getting a breast reduction. She suffers from gigantomastia, which means her breast tissue grows at a slow, progressive pace. She's admitted to experiencing numbness of the shoulders, and can't even put on a seat belt. It's great that she's proud her breasts "need security," but too much of something isn't always a good thing.

[via Daily Mail UK]

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