27-year-old Michael Borboa was arrested in Sierra Visa, AZ, on Friday after causing a commotion during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Moviegoers exploded into panic at the Cinemark 10 inside the mall at Sierra Visa when Borboa was confronted during the film.

Borboa, who was allegedly intoxicated, frightened everyone when he stood up and grabbed his backpack. People immediately evacuated the theater, and the Cochise County sheriff's department says "mass hysteria" erupted. He was quickly taken down by off-duty Border Patrol agents, but authorities say the backpack only contained an empty liquor bottle and half-empty bottle of moonshine.

Similar, and more intense incidents have taken place in Pennsylvania, California, and Maine since the shooting in Aurora, CO. When will this end?

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[via Yahoo News and the Sierra Visa Herald]