BioWare recently released the "extended cut" version of Mass Effect 3's ending, and hidden within its files was a reference to the next DLC pack: "Leviathan."

Now another source has confirmed the existence of the Leviathan DLC. Voice actor Anthony Skordi claims that he supplied the voice of a Reaper named Leviathan who's been in exile for a decade for killing a fellow Reaper. At the time of the DLC he controls a Batarian colony, and Shepard will reportedly be able to recruit him. Whether that means the Reaper will possess someone (a Batarian?) to fight at Shepard's side, or simple become a war asset, is unknown.

EA and BioWare are likely displeased that Skordi has shared these details with the public before their Comic-Con panel this Saturday, during which they're scheduled to reveal new Mass Effect 3 DLC, but meh. What are they going to do?

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[via Eurogamer]