In keeping with a familiar narrative that occurs when someone gets famous, Adele's father— Mark Evans, who walked out on his family when the singer was just three years old— wants to be back in his daughter's life. But that may never happen, and he realized it when he found out she was pregnant.

“My first reaction was a surge of happiness for her," he tells The Mirror, adding that he was told by his mother, whom Adele still speaks to. "My happiness for her turned to gloom because I realised I really was out of the picture as far as she is concerned. I would have loved so much to have been able to hold her in my arms and tell her how happy I was for her. I want more than anything to be part of her life again and to be a big part in my little grandson or granddaughter’s life. I’m having to face up to the fact that I may never get to know my grandchildren and it is breaking my heart.”

Although she was in touch with her father as a kid, Adele was largely raised by her mother, and Evans says he didn't contribute financially. In 1999, when his father died of cancer, Evans is said to have turned to alcohol to cope. He apologized and tried to patch things up with his daughter when she was 15, but their reconciliation was reportedly slow. After she'd become famous, he started speaking to the press about their strained relationship, which didn't help matters. In fact, it really angered her.

“I was a rotten father to her and I guess now I’m paying the price," he says. "I’ve tried phoning her and I’ve tried to see her but she doesn’t want to know. A day doesn’t go by when I don’t wish I could change things. I know I’ve been a drunk and a self-pitying fool but my heart was broken at the time and booze was the only thing that made the pain go away."

He's basically willing to do anything to get back into her life.

"I’ve done wrong and I should have been there for her throughout her childhood but I am desperate to make amends now," he says. "I am begging her to give me another chance.

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