Author: William Golding
Released: 1954
Genre: Drama

Take away our electronic devices, store-bought food, and every other luxury we take for granted, and you'll be left with scared survivors willing to do anything to regain even a semblance of power.

Back in 1954, novelist William Golding certainly understood that truth, going so far as to present it through a group of schoolboys left stranded on a deserted islanded. With only their wits at their disposal, the kids gradually turn on one another, resorting to savagery in a collective pursuit of a dominant order. The tragedies and sadness that follow haunt us even more every time we revisit The Lord of the Flies.

Fun Fact: In 1980, U2 closed their debut album with a track called "Shadows and Tall Trees," in reference to the title of the book's seventh chapter.