Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Released: 1973
Genre: Drama

By now, you should have read Slaughterhouse Five, the book that will live long after Vonnegut’s other work falls away, but Breakfast of Champions is more scathing, more madcap, more hilarious. Following the mistakes of Dwayne Hoover, a car salesman learning he has little to lose, and Kilgore Trout, a forgotten sci-fi writer who learned that lesson long before, Breakfast of Champions is a peek inside Vonnegut’s roiling skull. Indeed, he makes that perfectly clear in the early pages of the novel.

Vonnegut stuffs the pages with crude illustrations of assholes, vulvae, guns, and other important things. Because Trout appears elsewhere in Vonnegut’s universe, Breakfast of Champions will only reel you deeper into his body of work. No problem there.

Fun Fact: The novel's title is a direct allusion to the famous Wheaties cereal slogan, but, in the book itself, the "breakfast of champions" statement is used mockingly by a waitress as she serves a martini.