Author: Clive Barker
Released: 1984-1985
Genre: Short story collection

In 1984, British author Clive Barker, along with his perverted imagination and superlative prose, burst onto the horror scene with authority, blindsiding fans with the first of his six classic Books of Blood, the first of three of which are collected in this filler-less collection.

The stories included here, from the visceral slasher movie by way of H.P. Lovecraft "The Midnight Meat Train" to the Satanic sports oddity "Hell's Event" and the fornication-fueled creepshow "Sex, Death, and Starshine," exemplify the horror genre at its sickest, not to mention its most impressive.

Fun Fact: Four of the stories featured in Barker's Books of Blood series have been turned into movies: The Book of Blood, The Midnight Meat Train, Dread, and Rawhead Rex.