Will an engagement photo ruin a wedding? No. Probably not. But it is a fittingly unnatural precursor to your wedlock and, undoubtedly, the most humiliating snapshot you'll ever take part in.

The setting for these pictures can vary. We've seen a lot of cheesing in random fields—because hanging out in filthy nature is romantic and a total blast. A handful of piggy-back rides on the beach—because that's totally original, natural, and nobody else would ever think to do a beach shot. Especially if it's in black and white. Oh, and it's pretty common for people getting married in major cities to stage a grandiose kiss on the street—nothing says eternal love quite like being smashed into the Fifth Avenue pavement during rush hour. 

To make matters worse, the photos will be carelessly displayed on refrigerators across your guest list for total strangers to wonder, "Who is that douchebag with the cotton sweater over his button-up?" You know who should do photo shoots? Models. You know who shouldn't? You.