Anyone who has any doubts that Katie has what it takes to launch a full-fledged comeback clearly hasn't seen her upcoming cover for the August issue of Elle. Even Katie's most ardent detractors can't deny it: Holmes is undeniably hot!

With Caribbean blue eyes, cheekbones angular enough to inspire the envy of models, and a perpetually lithe physique, Holmes easily stands her ground among Hollywood's most stunning women. The only thing that took away from that was the Dianetics-drunk quasi-midget perpetually hanging on her arm.

Now that's she's ditched the inferior accessory, she needs to capitalize on those good looks and share her previously well-hidden goodies with the world. Putting them to work in a scantily-clad magazine spread (we humbly offer our services!) would silence the rumors that Tom has been starving her while simultaneously inspiring the long-dormant desires of men everywhere.

Seriously, every XY chromosome from 12-32 had less than G-rated fantasies of Joey Potter climbing into their bedroom window instead of that mopey schmuck Dawson's. Reawaken those reveries!