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A man ran up in his girlfriend’s house, tore all of his clothes off, starting screaming and then bit a chunk of flesh from another man’s arm. No, this is not a scene from True Blood, it actually happened in Palmetto, Fla., last night. Instead of visiting his kids like he was supposed to be doing, 26-year-old Charles Baker became the latest zombie story.

48-year-old Jeffrey Blake was at the home when the disturbance went down, and tried to restrain Baker, but had to fall back when dude took a bite out of his arm. It took police tasering Baker twice to finally subdue and arrest him.

As you probably guessed, Baker was high out of his fucking mind on an unknown drug. We’ll take an educated guess and say he might've been on those bath salts, as they tend to bring the animal out of users.

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[via NY Daily News]