We don't ask for much from a weather app. When we open it, we want to be told quickly what the weather is in our current location, or, sometimes, in a locale to which we're heading. Apple's "Weather" app does just that. But thanks to the folks at Uncrate we discovered an app that does that as well, but looks the way we expect a piece of software designed in Cupertino, Calif. to look.

It's called WTHR. You open it and the app tells you the temperature and the weather conditions. It also gives you a seven-day forecast. If you want to see the temperature in Celsius, just flip the switch at the bottom of the screen to the right. It's all very simple, and all very simply laid out. And all very beautiful. WTHR, in fact, one of the most visually appealing apps we've come across.  

If you value design and simplicity, you can go cop the WTHR app for $1 from the Apple App Store

[via Uncrate]