The comic book movie genre has been a boys club for the most part since its inception. Sure, Elektra and Catwoman both hit theaters a while back, but those films were simply awful with no real redeeming qualities. The closest we have come to really seeing a female kick ass in a pair of tights was Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow in The Avengers. But even she took a backseat to her male counterparts.

However, now Warner Bros. is looking to change all of that by finally bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen. According to Variety, the studio has just hired Michael Goldenberg (Green Lantern) to write the script for the movie. Unfortunately, other than that, no details have been revealed for the film yet.

The journey to get Wonder Woman to the screen has been long and difficult for the studio. With so little information available on the project, we don't know which incarnation of the character Goldenberg is going to go with. In our opinion, writer Brian Azzarello's recent reboot of Wonder Woman is the freshest that she has been in years, so we're hoping that Goldenberg and the studio use some of that as inspiration.

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