In order to stress how different The Amazing Spider-Man will be than Sam Raimi's version of the character, Sony has been releasing a ton of new clips from the film in order to highlight the new look and tone of the franchise. So far, we have seen a bit more humor and horror from this movie than the previous trilogy, and now, courtesy of Collider, we have two new clips that tout the freshness of The Amazing Spider-Man

In the first clip, we see some practical, non-CGI web swinging effects as Spider-Man attempts to flee from the police. With the over-reliance of digital effects in most comic book movies, watching Peter Parker wielding his webs for real in the streets of New York brings some much-needed authenticity to this world. Meanwhile, the second clip just reminds us how damn good Dennis Leary can be when he wants to be. 

The Amazing Spider-Man will hit theaters on July 3.

[via Collider