Len Wiseman's remake of Total Recall has a lot of obstacles in its way. First, it has to be different enough from the original in order to truly stand out, and secondly, it also needs to find a way to distinguish itself from the other action movies coming out this summer. There is no doubt that it accomplishes the former, but from the looks of this trailer, it doesn't quite offer up anything different than what we have seen from other blockbusters this year. However, once you see this footage, you will realize that might not necessarily be the worst thing in the world.

Touting some great action and an intriguing plot, Total Recall looks like one of the first sci-fi movies to take its inspiration from the Bourne trilogy. It's gritty and dirty, and there is more than enough ass kicking to go around. Colin Farrell is a man on the run with no idea what is real and what is an implanted memory from the Rekall company. All he knows is that he is a deadly fighter and that his wife is trying to kill him, à la Mr. & Mrs. Smith. What this movie lacks in originality it more than makes up for with impressive visuals and gorgeous women. And in typical Total Recall fashion, some of them even have three breasts. 

Sometimes a sci-fi movie will come out that wants to make you question all of your beliefs. But sometimes a sci-fi movie just wants to be pure escapist fun. Total Recall looks to be the latter.

Total Recall opens on August 3.