As we sit in the middle of the zombie craze that has currently taken over the pop-culture landscape, we have to credit the Resident Evil video game series with making the genre relevant again. Along with The Walking Dead comics and Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, these games helped bring brain-eaters back into the mainstream at the beginning of the 21st century. However, the Resident Evil movie series has failed to live up to its console-based kin.

Focusing more on over-the-top action than horror, these movies have always lacked the atmosphere and depth of the genre's best. And now that the trailer for the franchise's fifth installment, Resident Evil: Retribution, has been released, we can't say that much has changed. Director Paul W. S. Anderson still packs a mean punch when it comes to set pieces, but when compared to other zombie movies, it just can't compete.

The trailer starts off with a novel premise that serves to throw us off a bit, but it quickly turns into what we have seen countless times before. Explosions, one-liners, and plenty of CGI zombies and monsters litter this footage. Unfortunately, none of it comes together to tell us what the movie is actually about. If the first four films appealed to you, then Retribution should be right up your alley. Just don't expect anything different from the norm.

Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters on September 14. 

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