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Though Taken didn't seem like the type of film that particularly needed a sequel, this is Hollywood, so here it is: The first international trailer for Taken 2. In it, we see Liam Neeson on vacation with his wife (Famke Jansson) and daughter (Maggie Grace) in Istanbul, while elsewhere, the men who were tight with the guys that Liam Neeson killed in the first film to get his daughter back are swearing revenge. Suspense! This time being kidnapped is Liam Neeson's wife, and right in front of Liam Neeson no less. Don't these guys know who Liam Neeson is? Haven't they seen The Grey? Or even the first Taken? They should know how this ends.

Anyway, Liam Neeson calls up his daughter to make sure she's not kidnapped again. That would be a plot repeat, however, and she's still fine in their hotel room. "Listen to me carefully, Kim," Liam Neeson instructs his daughter, who's probably like, oh fuck, why do I even go places anymore, "your mother is going to be taken. People are going to come for you too."

"What are you going to do?" Liam Neeson's daughter asks, because she hasn't seen Taken either.

Liam Neeson, on the other hand, has. "What I do best." Cue lots of action scenes!

All in all, Taken 2 actually looks relatively promising, if only because Maggie Grace apparently gets to scale the side of a building in jean shorts and a bikini top. And in case you were wondering: Yes, Liam Neeson is still a badass. Check out the trailer above.

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