It's safe to say Vizio's on one. A few months after announcing two laptops and an all-in-one desktop PC, both wonderfully designed, the company best known for making budget-priced TVs has entered a new market: streaming media players. 

The Vizio Co-Star is a small Internet-enabled set-top box that runs the latest version of Google TV. When hooked up to your cable or satellite receiever, it can play television programs while you browse the Net using Google Chrome. Like other streaming boxes, the Co-Star can also play videos from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube via the included apps. 

Not only does the Co-Star play videos, it can also play games. Vizio struck a deal with cloud gaming company OnLive so users can play any of the hundreds of games available in its library. 

The Co-Star features support for 1080p Full HD and 3D video, as well as 802.11n Wi-Fi, and comes with a Bluetooth-enabled remote control that sports a full QWERTY keyboard and touchpad. 

Pre-orders start in July on at $99. 

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