It seems only natural that Star Wars nerds and gamers are two segments of geekdom that would overlap quite a bit, especially considering how many Star Wars games have been developed over the years. Now that's been confirmed, as the infographic above shows that gaming constitutes the second largest source of Star Wars-related revenue.

It's estimated that Star Wars overall has pulled in around $33 billion since its debut decades ago, and video games make up $4.7 billion of that, even more than the films' $4.5 billion at box offices.

Interestingly, "toys" comes out on top at a whopping $15 billion, almost as much as the rest of the categories (games, box office, DVDs, books, rentals, other) combined. After all, who hasn't owned a plastic lightsaber at one point or another?

The just-announced game Star Wars 1313 will likely bump that $4.7 billion even higher. Are you surprised? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Wired]