Date: October 31, 2007

In October of 2007, reality TV star and professional bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman's son Tucker sold a tape of his father using racially derogatory language during a telephone conversation to The National Enquirer. On the tape, Chapman repeatedly refers to his son's girlfriend with the "N" word and expresses his fear that she is planning to publicize his racial slur.

In addition to production for his A&E show being suspended, Chapman also faced severe media backlash for his racial tirade, prompting him to appear on Fox News and issue an apology. Chapman claimed to have a "special connection" with "black America," and continued, "My whole life I've been called a half-breed, a convict, king of the trailer trash, this and that ... So when I stood there and said, 'I kind of know what you feel like, because I've been there, too,' that I felt that I could embrace and like, as brothers ... say the word."

Chapman also added, "I now learned I'm not black at all, and I never did it out of hate... This sounds so stupid. I always did it out of love."