Location: Formentera Island, Spain
Address: Passeig de les Illetes
Website: ibiza-spotlight.com
Fully Nude? Yes

If you haven't noticed, Spain runs shit when it comes to nude beaches. While Ibiza is turned up, things are a bit calmer on the smaller Formentera Island, which is about six miles south of the EDM capital. Even though it's not quite as wild, nudity is welcome at most beaches here. Because, you know, you can't be gone off that molly all the time. When you come down, Formentera will be waiting. On the island's north side, you'll find Playa Illetes, where nudists roam free on the white sand as the beautiful blue sea splashes at their ankles. When the tide is low, you can wade your way to Espalmador, another naturalist destination in close proximity.

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