Location: Sandy Hook, N.J.
Address: Route 36
Website: gunnisonbeach.org
Fully Nude? Yes

Managed by the National Park Service, Gunnison Beach was once a testing site for the U.S. Army. The base was decommissioned in 1972, and soon became the place where soldiers would skinny dip on hot days. That's when a brilliant idea suddenly descended from above: Open it to the public as a clothing-optional beach. New Jersey passed a law in 1999 that outlawed nudism on state and local beaches, leaving Gunnison Beach as the lone, legal nude beach in the state because it sits on federal land and isn't subject to the same regulations. It's the largest clothing-optional beach on the East Coast, drawing about 5,000 visitors each weekend during the summer. It's not that far from New York, and it offers impressive views of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Bridge. Oh yeah, did we mention that alcohol isn't prohibited on federal land? You better believe this place gets turned all the way up this time of year.