Air Date: April 9, 2011
Best Cutaway: Peter's feud with Mr. Washee Washee, the owner of the local dry cleaner establishment, boils over into a Street Fighter smackdown, presented exactly like a match from the classic video game.

Family Guy’s ninth season was officially when critics began writing harshly about the Griffin family. Week after week, episodes would transpire with just as many flat jokes as successful ones, so when the first-rate “Tiegs for Two,” the season’s fourteenth entry, premiered in April 2011, haters and naysayers had to momentarily shut up.

Curiously, Family Guy hasn’t done all that many Quagmire-specific episodes, a strange move considering that Peter’s uber-perverted best friend is a fan favorite. “Tiegs for Two,” thankfully, takes full advantage of Quagmire, having him teach a recently heartbroken Brian lessons in love, an open-hearted series of conversations that prompts Glen to opine over the one who got away, his ex-girlfriend, and former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Cheryl Tiegs (who guest-voices as herself).

Mind you, Quagmire is the same guy who once pulled a Spider-Man and clung himself to a women’s bathroom’s ceiling to spy on Lois while she urinated. So for Family Guy to make us root for him and hope he finds true love? That’s no small feat.