Air Date: June 26, 2005
Best Cutaway: In a hilarious, albeit brief, revival of the old cartoon Snorks, a male snork gets aroused by a female one and the appendage atop its head extends.

For its sharp digs at reality television alone, “Brian the Bachelor” deserves a high placement on this countdown. Brian decries so-called “reality” shows as much as the next reasonably intelligent person (or dog), but when Quagmire wins a spot on the latest season of The Bachelorette, Brian ends up joining him, and consequently falling in love with the bachelorette in question only to learn, after winning the show, that she’s just an actress and doesn’t give a damn about him.

However, any ardent Family Guy viewer knows, though, that the funniest sequence in “Brian the Bachelor” has nothing to do with The Bachelorette. In the episode’s final moments, Stewie amazingly skewers Brian, with a voice that gets higher in pitch as he carries on, for his lack of dedication to the novel he’s always talked about writing but never actually sits down to write. The one he’s “been working on for three years,” the one that should have “a compelling pro-tagonist,” and with a narrative in which “some friends become enemies, some enemies become friends.”