Air Date: November 13, 2005
Best Cutaway: Brian's professor, a Stephen Hawking-esque paraplegic man, is shown having make-up sex with his also paraplegic wife. Hilarity and utter insensitivity ensue.

Everything works in “Brian Goes Back to College,” an episode that deserves the top spot here simply because there’s not a weak moment in it. At times, the dueling plot-lines in a Family Guy episode can breed mixed results, giving one story more strengths than the other, but here, the pair of narrative focal points complement each other wonderfully.

Per the episode’s title, Brian heads back to finish his university schooling after a brief stint with The New Yorker exposes his lack of education; elsewhere, Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe form their own makeshift, totally unqualified version of The A-Team after winning a costume contest. How they load wheelchair-bound Joe into their vehicle is an extended piece of side-splitting genius.

The same goes for the clever ways in which episode writer Matt Fleckenstein lampoons the pretentiousness of The New Yorker, from Brian’s snooty co-worker James William Bottomtooth (see above) to the explanation for why there are no toilets in the office bathroom: “No one at The New Yorker has an anus.”