Air Date: July 18, 2001
Best Cutaway: Lois painfully remembers the last time Peter "interrupted a performance," when he drove his car onto the stage during a Broadway performance of Cats and turned a few of the cast members into roadkill.

Ever since Family Guy's first days, canine Brian has longed to become a successful, highly respected writer, and in the excellent “Brian Does Hollywood,” the wet-nosed, wannabe storyteller heads out to Tinsel Town to test his luck at screenwriting. And once he’s in the starry town, episode writer Gary Janetti skewers the ins and outs of the movie world’s capital, finding time to clown Keanu Reeves’ vapid demeanor and Joan Rivers’ old age. Ditto for Brian’s cousin Jasper, a gay pooch whose unfortunately few Family Guy appearances have provided the show’s creators with ample material for digs at sexuality.

By the time the Griffins visit Brian in Hollywood and discover that his dreams of writing award-winning screenplays have been curbed in favor of directing porno movies, “Brian Does Hollywood” has established itself as a thoroughly uproarious indictment of Los Angeles’ soul-crushing lifestyle.