Address: 1100 Pattison Ave.

This monstrosity, basically six sports bars crammed into one venue, opened at the end of March. XFINITY Live! Philadelphia, in addition to being much fun to write out, is a place for bros to chill before sporting events, and then return to to get angry-drunk after said (sad) sporting events. The opening of this venue featured concerts by Bruce Springsteen, who, along with Jimmy Buffett, Bon Jovi, and Steve Perry, comprise the faces on a musical Mount Rushmore, where instead of inspiring patriotism, the music of each mug inspires nerve-wracking singing from men who can't express affection for each other by normal means. There is too much douche to take in here: a mechanical bull, beer wenches in ass-less chaps, unreasonably loud bro tunes, bottle service, and an endless array of plasma TVs. In time, this place will give Philly douche heavyweights a serious a run for their money. Don't sweat being all the way down at the bottom, XFINITY Live! Philadelphia—you are Rookie Douche of the Year!