Address: 6238 Bustleton Ave.

Bamboo Bar combines all of the worst elements of nightclub culture with the most exquisitely stupid aspects of the inexhaustible American beach fixation. This unholy alliance produces things like over-priced fishbowls of booze and foam parties. As if this weren't bad enough, Flirt and Roxxy are two “lounges” that are actually attached to Bamboo Bar. One need only glance at Flirt/Roxxy's “Celebrity Gallery” to see the iconic clientele who have entered this hall of mirrors, where even regular folks leave looking like they religiously trim their sideburns. From Jersey Shore cast members to LMFAO, a rogues gallery of douches, some famous, some famous in their own minds, and some Philebrities (of an entirely different category) have hit up this awful, awful spot.