Director: Nicholas Stoller
Stars: Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Chris Pratt, Alison Brie, Rhys Ifans, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, Jacki Weaver, Randall Park, Brian Posehn, Chris Parnell, David Paymer, Mimi Kennedy, Dakota Johnson

One of 2012’s biggest surprises was the poor box office performance of The Five-Year Engagement, the latest collaboration between the Forgetting Sarah Marshall team of star/co-writer Jason Segel, director/co-writer Nicholas Stoller, and producer Judd Apatow. Only grossing $29 million domestically (compared to Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s robust $63 million intake), The Five-Year Engagement prefaced the summer blockbuster season (it opened a week before The Avengers) with a resounding thud.

The sad thing is, it’s actually a funnier and more well-rounded comedy than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. At the forefront, Segel and the ravishing Emily Blunt share a naturally enjoyable chemistry. And, though it follows the unfortunate Apatow tradition of being overlong, the film benefits greatly from an underlying zaniness most notably felt through a pair of fantastically goofy supporting turns from Chris Pratt and Alison Brie. Pratt’s remixing of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and Brie’s Sesame Street riff with Blunt are two of the year’s strongest comedic bits in any film thus far.

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