With every season of jubilant new births in the Mac family, there are, unfortunately, usually one or two deaths, as well. Out with the old, in with the new— such is the law of nature and of product cycles. Yesterday Apple rolled out updates for nearly all of its computers, as well as the all-new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. But one model of MacBook was killed off: the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Introduced in 2006, the oversized MacBook Pro (née Power Book) was made famous by Apple's Yao Ming-meets-Verne Troyer television ad. It was a niche product to be sure, but found an audience among those who prioritized screen size above all.

In the new mobile world that Apple has helped to create since then, however, smaller is better. When current stock of the 17-inch model runs out, the various 15-inch Pros will be left standing at the top of the heap.

[via AllThingsD]

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