Oh this was bad. After Dumb and Dumber became a monster hit in 1994, ABC decided to rush a cartoon featuring Harry and Lloyd into production to piggyback off of that success. The only problem was that this toon was aimed at children; the same exact demographic that was too young to actually go see the movie when it came out. So instead of retaining the gut-busting—and admittedly juvenile—humor from the movie, the show went a route that was more reminiscent of Ren & Stimpy.

Featuring a talking beaver named Kitty, this show was the bottom of the barrel as far as Saturday morning cartoons were concerned. No cast members from the film lent their voices to this project, and it only lasted a little over three months before mercifully being given the ax. Perhaps people had unrealistic expectations for the show, but it’s hard to believe that the talent behind this cartoon couldn’t have done a bit better than this.