Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Address: 367 Broadway
Website: n/a

Mexico 2000 is the textbook definition of a gem, a place you would overlook if it weren't for the enthusiastic, loose-lipped friend that turned you onto the place.

But we're not mad at cha for discovering that Mexico 2000 is more than a grocery store with a ridiculous name, that it's actually a shrine to homemade chicken tamales, authentic tortas, and game-changing tacos.

For less than ten dollars, you can feast on heaping platter of authentic flautas, chimichangas, and enchiladas alongside a generous pile of rice and beans. On the weekends, it would be in your best interest to ask for the pozole and whatever variation of barbacoa they're offering. Try to snag one of the few chairs scattered about and enjoy the best Mexican Williamsburg has to offer while watching Telenovelas. Yeah, life is good.