A Del Valle woman was arrested and charged with putting PCP in her daughter's school lunch. An affidavit says that Torina Ann Gutierrez's daughter was behaving strangely on May 4, repeatedly "banging her head" and talking to herself. When the school called Gutierrez, she told them "Don’t call EMS and don’t call (Child Protective Services), I’m on my way."

The 34-year-old took her first grader home and called the paramedics. The little girl tested positive for PCP, and was swiftly removed from her home and sent to live with a family member. In a shocking turn, Gutierrez also tested positive for the drug. 

The little girl told authorities that after eating the lunch her mother prepared, she felt "crazy and dizzy," and her lunch tasted like "fireworks." Kids really say the cutest shit. She was surprisingly knowledgeable, referring to the drug as "angel dust" and telling investigators she had seen it in her home before. Gutierrez was charged with endangering a child.

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[via The Blotter]

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